Recital Information

At East Coast Dance Complex, this year we have one studio wide performance opportunity: If you are interested in more performance opportunities please notify the office or inquire about our company.

Season End Recital in June (2017 date TBA)

What to expect for recital in June 2017:

Staging rehearsal: Run through without costumes to get students used to being on stage.


Dress rehearsal: Run through with costumes, hair and makeup


Show: Main performance and chance for family and friends to see your dancer perform.


Costs-$40 costume deposit due November 1, balance due January 1 (balance TBD but usually less than the deposit). A $30 recital fee (includes rehearsal fee and recital tshirt) is due April 1.


East Coast Dance Complex is a family operated dance studio in Dover, NH focused on providing structured, entertaining, and age appropriate dance classes presenting challenges for those that are ready and offering expert guidance to those who need extra help to achieve the goals set forth in all levels of  our dance lesson development.



East Coast Dance Complex

218 Central Avenue

Dover, NH 03820